dffdViticulture defines what a good worker placement board game should entertain. A perfect balance between competition, skill, and luck of the draw. The efforts to create a dynamic game wont go unnoticed with this title revfe

Viticulture is a Representative of the wine making culture to the masses. I swirled and sniffed at every opportunity I got– Really appreciating each mechanic to it’s core. Designing and upgrading the personal board with irrigation, larger cellars, and what grape vines I felt were palatable.

The marbles that represented grapes were a very unique experience. every season aged the grapes while with every age; offers better rewards.Honestly, I’d expect nothing less coming out of stonemaier games. Something about building our grape-vine kingdom was exhilarating to say the least.

The mostrgrwgw impressive quality Viticulture has to offer is the changing seasons; or the day and night cycle if you will. Changing seasons is a component I wouldn’t be surprised to see as a board game standard some day. 4 seasons that draft new placement and different rewards. For example, I could not crush my grapes during the summer, nor can I plant new vines in the winter. The structured strategy in limiting placement, on top of impressing restrictive decisions motivates.

Surprisingly, The amount of information offered in the rule book, while seeming overwhelming, does a great job offering examples of each explanation. Any concerns you may have, they cover. So to that, I’d like to raise my glass.

Final Thoughts?::

For all you simulator junky’s out there– go out and grab Viticulture. Be the wine-maker you (virtually) were born to be. If you aren’t the biggest wine enthusiast– I don’t expect you’d tilt the glass to gather the right aroma– but for board game lovers; You’ll like the difference between a Moscato and a chardonnay

Joseph Nicholas

Link to game

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